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First Meeting Thought and Reflection on Photography

[ | February 27, 2012 | 2 Comments | 10,275 views]

Between 17 and 19 May the MIS, the institution of the Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, in partnership with the Magdalene Studio, meets in the state capital professionals throughout the country of photography, as well as international guests, in a meeting that puts in question the thought on the photo.

The program consists of six roundtable discussions with guests, two workshops and six presentations subscribers texts through call. Those interested in participating in this call must submit articles via website, in Portuguese or Spanish, that provide for discussion and thinking about the photographic language in its various approaches. If you live outside the city of São Paulo the participant receives allowance for the cost of airfare and lodging.

Photographers, curators, cultural producers and students interested in attending every meeting and guarantee certificate of completion, should make their pre-registration through the form available on the MIS website . After analysis of the material submitted with the form (mini-bio and letter of intent), the selected will be notified via email. They are only 80 places, and selected the only guarantee a seat to attend one of the workshops still the 80, only 60 accompanying workshop. Those selected will also receive a badge to access all programming.

There is still the possibility of participating tables and occasional presentations, for that do not need to register and go through the selection process, just withdraw, with one hour in advance, a ticket at the reception of MIS.

© Mariana David

The completion of the registration deadline for the call is April 15 and for pre-registration, the 7th of May or until completing 300 subscribers. For more information visit www.calendariocultural.com.br/pensamentoereflexao or send an email to pensamentoereflexao@estudiomadalena.com.br

About Iº Meeting Thought and Reflection on Photography

The meeting invited the likes of Boris Kossoy, Claudi Carreras, Diogenes Moura, Eder Chiodetto, Eduardo Muylaert, Fernando de Tacca, Juan Antonio Molina, Juan Esteves, João de Mendonça, Ronaldo Entler, Mane Adaro, Mario Ramiro, Rubens Fernandes Jr., Simonetta Persichetti and Thyago Nogueira to address issues such as contemporary forms of discussion and flow of ideas on the photo, through the experiences at the Academy and its prospects for research. "We also back to reflect the historical and symbolic themes," says Alexandre Bethlehem, with Georgia Farm, signs the curator of the event.

Click here to view the PDF with the event schedule .


10h / 12h30 WS1_Juan Antonio Molina // The production of photographic speech - curatorial exercises and editing - Part 1

10h / 12h30 WS2_Claudi Carreras // cultural project development and personal
- Part 1

14h00 / 16h30 Presentation selected call

17h30 / 19h00 SESSION 1 HISTORY: A walk through critical thinking in Brazilian Photography
Speaker: Rubens Fernandes Junior - FAAP / SP

19h30 / 21h SESSION 2 REFLECTION: Why do we think the Picture?
Speaker: Boris Kossoy - USP / SP


10h / 12h30 WS1_Juan Antonio Molina // The production of photographic speech - curatorial exercises and editing - Part 2

10h / 12h30 WS2_Claudi Carreras // cultural and personal plan of development -
part 2

14h00 / 16h30 Presentation selected call

17h30 / 19h00 SESSION 3 JOURNALISM: Writing and journalism: there is room for criticism?
Mediation: Eduardo Muylaert
Speakers: Juan Esteves - Best Magazine Shoot, Simonetta Persichetti - Estadão and Thyago Nogueira - Magazine ZUM

19h30 / 21h00 SESSION 4 THEORY: The thinking at the Academy
Mediation: Georgia Farm - FAAP / SP
Speakers: Mario Ramiro and John Martin of Mendonça

10h / 12h30 WS1_Juan Antonio Molina // The production of photographic speech - curatorial exercises and editing - Part 3

10h / 12h30 WS2_Claudi Carreras // cultural and personal plan of development -
Part 3

15h / 17h00 SESSION 5 [Experience Report] WEB: Dissemination and experience: The multiplicity of media and convergence in contemporary
Case Study: Ronaldo Entler - Iconic Blog
Case Study: Fernando de Tacca - Online magazine Studium
Case Study: Mane Adaro - CHILE

18h / 20h SESSION 6 CURATORSHIP: Contemporary Curator: critical research as building reflection
Mediation: Claudi Carreras
Speakers: Eder Chiodetto, Juan Antonio Molina and Diogenes Moura

20: 30 / 22h SESSION Special Cocktail and projection This is São Paulo: tribute to Guilherme de Almeida

Iº Meeting Thought and Reflection on Photography

When? 17:05 to 19:05
Where Auditorium :: Museum of Image and Sound - MIS :: Avenida Europa, 158, Jardim Europa, Sao Paulo :: 11 2117 4777
Conveniado Parking: R $ 8 (until 18pm for a period of up to 6 hours). Access and a lift for wheelchair users. Air conditioning.

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  • Claudio Edinger said:

    We have to think first photograph because they photographed what we see but who we are. Second, because the picture is still in its infancy (compared with, say, the painting that is there from the caveman). Third because the picture changes all the time, the same image has several meanings, depending on how it is presented, how it is illuminated. In the morning is a way for lunch another and so on. It's ironic because the picture would freeze the reality. Does not freeze anything, lives melting and besides, what is the reality? Room because what an image means varies greatly according to the beholder.

    Congratulations on your great initiative!


  • Iatã Cannabrava said:

    Thank you Claudio, vc is part of it all!

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